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We are a small, friendly Archery Club based in Slip End, Bedfordshire catering for beginners and experienced archers alike and offering year round archery at our outdoor and indoor venues. 
Our members are interested in many aspects of archery and a variety of bow styles are shot at the club. 
Our main activity is target archery but there are members who also enjoy other forms of the sport such as Clout, Flight and Field Archery. Bow types range from modern recurve and compound bows to the more traditional longbows, flatbows and even Asian bows.

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Summer Shooting

From April through to October we shoot on Mondays and Wednesdays at Slip End Playing field 10min from Dunstable, with Wednesdays being our main club evening.
Our members shoot distances between 20 yds and 100 yds depending on ability and bow poundage. 

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Winter Shooting  

During the Winter months from October to April we meet on Monday evenings at Houghton Regis Leisure Centre. 
Start time is 7:00pm and we finish at 9:00pm. Indoors we shoot at a distance of 20 Yards, on 60cm target faces. 
During the winter season there is an option to compete in inter-club postal competitions as well as club handicap and non handicap events.   

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Throughout the summer & winter seasons we have a full program of competitions for a wide range of shooting disciplines and distances.

Many of our club competitions are handicap events which means that as a new and improving member you shoot on a level playing field with our most senior members and can easily walk away with a trophy or two.
We also compete in a winter postal league against other clubs for both Recurve and Compound bows.

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